Obinno Energy Services is an energy consulting group founded in 2005 in order to improve the production levels of existing oil companies. We are concerned with the environmental impact of oil production and by improving the practices and the infrastructure that is currently in place we can increase oil productions as well as alleviate environmental hazards. We understand oil companies today make it a priority to improve their environmental impact. Our technologies minimize the effects of oil production on the environment as well as increase overall production of oil.

Obinno Energy Services is comprised of a team of Canadian businessmen working out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada who are dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry internationally. We have innovative and proven techniques and technology for increasing oil production and minimize the effects the industry places on the environment.

Obinno Energy Services Inc. became a Joint Partner of major Refinery in Russia July, 2016 and with this alliance, is in a formidable position to meet our clients’ needs for petroleum products (Refined Petroleum Products and or Crude Oil).

Obinno Team
Oil production in Nigeria and its environmental impact.

Oil has been an important part of the Nigerian economy since the 1950’s when vast petroleum reserves were discovered in the Delta region. As a result of foreign oil sales Nigeria has been able to benefit financially from oil production. As a result of the oil industry in Nigeria and the practices that the oil production companies employ there has been both local and global concern over the impact that this production has had on the environment.

We realize that the negative environmental impact is unintentional and the oil companies are doing what they can to lessen the impact. We at Obinno Energy Services can increase the production of oil while lessening the impact on the environment. Our processes aid those locally impacted by the environmental degradation as well as appeal to other nations that are concerned with the oil practices.

Governments and oil companies have been accused of failing to enforce environmental protection against the oil damage caused by oil companies. We would like to change this impression by offering technologies and techniques to reduce the impact of oil production on the environment.

The main global and local concerns surrounding the oil industry are:

  • The pollution is caused by gas flaring
  • Oil pipeline leakage
  • Improper disposal of waste products “indiscriminate dumping”.
  • Dredging of canals
  • Oil spills
At Obinno Energy Services global and local concerns are also our concerns.

We aid the oil companies in making their practices more environmentally sound. One of the ways that we address the deficiencies in the infrastructure is by effectively using the waste products from the oil industry. For example the disposal of gas from flaring could be used in the generation of power for urban and rural electrification.

Other wastes could be used by the petro chemical industry for things like plastics, synthetic fibers, detergents and solvents. Instead of burning the gases and negatively impacting the environment this process would give electric power to villages that would otherwise be without.

Our processes limit the impact on the environment without financial strain to the oil companies.